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I.             Strategic Alliances Consulting – Helping you cross borders with confidence

The Cogency of forming “Strategic Alliances” is indisputable – agreements among individuals, firms or entities, in which each commit resources to achieve a common set of objectives.

……………even more undeniable is the Cogency of taking these partnerships to the global stage. When local markets shrink, we should look beyond our borders.

The most important uses of forming strategic alliances are to Gain Entry to New Markets, Competitive Positioning, Supplement Critical Resources & Skills, and Leverage Cost & Risk-Sharing Benefits.

When you decide to cross borders, to embark on your journey towards entrepreneurial globalization, let us be your guide.

Who can benefit? The parties involved in such an alliance may be anybody from buyers or customers, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, institutions of learning, government departments, and even competitors.

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II.            Small Business Consulting - What do business consultants do?

As a Cogency business consultant, our role is to help businesses identify problems, and recommend solutions to these problems.

The University of Chicago’s Career and Placement services defines business consultants as: “Problem solvers and advisors who contribute an objective point of view. By using fact-based, analytically-driven thinking to break problems down into components and solve each component, consultants reach a single perspective on a problem”.

If you, as a business owner/manager, are not happy about the way something is run or about the general direction your organization is taking, you need to call in a Business Consultant

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The demand for consultancy has experienced an unprecedented surge in the last decade or so. The reasons for this sudden popularity of any form of consulting are numerous, but more often than not, it may be attributable to ‘getting expert advice without being tied down to any long-term commitment’ - very similar to hiring employees on very short-term contracts. This need is driven by the fact that most individuals cannot be talented and knowledgeable in all aspects of running a business. For example, a very capable Production Manager may not be very good at Human Resource Management, or at Cross-Border Alliances.


"Do you feel that there are areas in your business that need attention, remediation, or streamlining? We may be able to help."


"As a small business experiences rapid growth, processes and efficiencies need to be very often revisited."


"The only constant is change" - An old Buddhist saying, but espoused by even the most traditional of managers.

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