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At Cogency our primary focus is on assisting in the formation of Strategic Alliances, and in locating and partnering with buyers and consumers (EXPORT), and suppliers and manufacturers (IMPORT) outside the USA.

Small Businesses with developed strategic alliances & collaborative relationships (JVs, marketing, manufacturing) achieve significantly higher market penetration. Through carefully managed and strategic partnering, each party will gain competitive advantage, reduce marketing costs, and increase revenues.


a.  Local Alliances

b.  International Alliances - click here

·  Sourcing & Researching Markets, Prospects, and Leads
·  Facilitating meetings, discussions/agreements & travel
·  Export-Import Assistance
· Relationship Management & Operations



We have a combined experience of some forty years in small-to-medium sized businesses, and have the knowledge and ability to provide consultancy services in almost all practice areas, including strategy development, technology implementation, process improvement, change management, financial planning and management, starting up, coaching and web development. Services may typically be outsourced or provided onsite.

Export Markets

"EXPORT is fast becoming the next big interest, and trend. Jump into the midst of the new gold-rush - The quest for a slice of the global marketplace."

Call us to find out if we can help you make the right choices.

Small Business Consulting

"Assistance with drafting a business plan, cashflow planning & management, testing the viability of an idea, systems, staffing, … you have to look no further."

We can walk you throught it.

Vendor/Buyer Relations

"Inventory management, supplier choices, foreign markets, export assistance, distribution options, and endless other areas you may need help with."

We have experience locally and across four continents.

Tel: (508) 909-5105 | Fax: (508) 909-5104 | email: consult@cogency.us
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