How do we charge? How much is this going to cost? These are usual questions that go through a business executive’s mind, when contemplating hiring a business consultant. Quite a few executives are scared of the mere thought. The result is that they will never make that much needed call. Business Consultancy is not a tangible product, and hence it’s often not possible to quote a fixed fee or charge, without actually examining the problem.

The fact is, consultants themselves have a tough time determining how much to bill a client. If a consultant dispenses valuable advice for a couple of hours, it is usually backed up by several hours of fact finding, interviewing, review and analysis, creative thought, developing remedies and solutions for the problem at hand, and report writing. Then you have the overheads, and the time spent on the road.

Howard Stern, the American radio personality, once said “When you hire me, you hire a nut who is going to work 24 hours a day for you and never, ever burn his audience.” Now how much would you pay for that? Here’s another thought – How much would it cost, for you to employ an experienced, senior level manager, on a full time basis? In our estimate, several times more than what you will pay a business consultant for a few hours of work.

Think of us as a readily available temporary resource, without the usual burdens associated with hiring an employee, such as benefits, health insurances, vacation pay, sick leave, and so on.

Our charges are entirely case dependent, and could be hourly, per diem, per task or project, or a retainer, and may include additional services requested by the client.

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