At Cogency, we specialize in small to medium sized businesses, with our focus on placing affordable business consultancy services within easy reach of the small business entrepreneur (SBE). Our combined and extensive experience in a complete range of business services, products and scenarios, allow us to scale our consultancy services to your specific need.

SBEs are often dynamic leaders, with the vision needed to build a business, but lacking in resources, or the access to them.

We, at Cogency, try to remedy this with our “One on One” Independent Business Consultancy services.


"Whether you are a start-up or a growing concern, or the advice you need is on functional or accounting choices, we have the experience."

Call us to find out if we can help you make the right choices.


"Assistance with drafting a business plan, cashflow planning & management, testing the viability of an idea, systems, staffing, … you have to look no further."

We can walk you through it.


"Inventory management, supplier choices, distribution options, and endless other areas you may need help with."

We have experience locally and across four continents.

Tel: (508) 909-5105 | Fax: (508) 909-5104 | email: consult@cogency.us
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